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We solve the issue of your potential residents not being able to easily visit your retirement locations. Our immersive 360 Virtual Tours enable customers to explore your units or assisted living facilities from anywhere & at any time, with future residents & their families virtually walking through each space along with any captured community areas or garden retreats.

All our photographers are 100% covid vaccinated
"Ultimately 360 Virtual Tours help to increase your occupancy rate"
Residential Aged Care 360 Virtual Tours - The Only COVID SAFE Solution
100% Covid Safe - Protect yourself, your staff and your residents families

Never has it been more important than right now to keep the most vulnerable in our society safe. Virtual Tours provide your prospective residents and their families the benefit of touring your facility from the comfort and safety of their own home. A 360-degree virtual tour attracts new residents and their families to residential aged care facilities by promoting and highlighting the best features and amenities that they have to offer. Our experienced photographers begin the nursing home tour creation process by taking 360 panoramic shots of all the rooms, corridors, and living areas, highlighting modern conveniences and a smiling team of nursing professionals. We then stage everything to create a virtual nursing home. Dressing and rearranging areas to showcase the facility’s social amenities and brightening up the atmosphere ensures the picture-perfect environment needed to attract potential residents and their loved ones.

Last but not least, Directors Cut Studios creates links and html code that your web admins can implement easily into your company website, social media pages and email campaigns. This essential facet of your marketing strategy make families comfortable and satisfied about choosing the right nursing home for their needs.


Turning a nursing home into a virtual reality experience gives future residents and their families the confidence they need to make an informed decision and opens the doors for millions of possibilities when you choose a Directors Cut Studios Virtual Tour

So What's The Process?

Step 1 - Click the button below to book your FREE Consultation or call us on 0428 881 703

Step 2 - We come along and do the shoot in a COVID safe manner. This is our only contact point

Step 3 - Sit back, relax while we enhance your photos, 360 panoramas and any video

Step 4 - 360 Virtual Tour delivered for your review. Any changes can be made before final Tour is delivered

Step 5 - We publish the Tour to your Google Business Page on Google Maps and on Google Street View

Step 6 - Clients requesting our Hosted Service receive both a HTML link & iframe link. These links are used to embed into your website, social media platforms and personal emails.

Delivered ready to be viewed on all your Social Media Channels on Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile & VR Headsets!

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