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Increase Consumer Confidence With Google 5-Star Reviews
From As Little As $99

The Quickest Way to Increase Consumer Confidence & Gain New Customers is With
5 Star Reviews

Google 5 Star Reviews

According to Google if you want to climb the local search rankings you need high quality 5-Star Reviews (and photography), and plenty of them, constantly!

And the reason why is simple - Google trusts the power of word-of-mouth marketing. It factors in the quantity and quality of reviews to evaluate the search position. Just as customers use online reviews to validate their purchase decision, search engines such as Google take a similar stance.

Boost revenue with 5 star reviews

This means that businesses that consistently get a large number of high star ratings and reviews are likely to get more consideration from the popular search engine. For instance, a rating of 4.5 and above indicates the trust of customers for a particular brand, and Google recognizes and rewards that.

The simplest way got acquire Goggle Reviews is to ask. 
So we've bundled together the 3 most Powerful Tools for easily acquiring
High Quality 5-Star Reviews

  1. Customer Review Template - All the hard work is done for you. Send to everyone in your email list and all your customers have to do is fill in the blanks
  2. QR Code - Personalised QR Code linked to your Google Review page
  3. A5 QR Coded Review Request Flyer - Place on the counter near the till and simply ask customers to give you a review
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