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Google Street View

Google Street View Virtual Tours
Enhance Your Google Search Visibility And Draw Traffic To Your
Google Business Profile Listing On Google Maps

About Google Virtual Tours

Get a Google Street View tour added to Google Maps giving you all the benefits a Google Street View tour provides. We add your bespoke high quality virtual tours to Google Maps using our Google Street View software.

Google Virtual Tours work on the same system as Street View, allowing your potential customers to take a step into your business, increase your search engine visibility and convert more web visits into sales via the Google algorithm.

Benefits of A Google My Business Street View Tour

There are many benefits to a Google Virtual Tour

  • When researching products & services, consumers use Google Maps 0ver 80% of the time

  • Google My Business listings with photos and a virtual tour are 4 times more likely to generate interest

  • On average 70% of businesses with Virtual Tours will receive an on site visit

  • Google My Business listings are 94% more likely to be viewed as reputable

  • Invite your customers & visitors to take a look around your premises, straight from Google Maps

  • Your business & search profile is optimised right across the Google Network

  • Stand out from competitors and engage your new and existing visitors sooner and for longer

  • Google Virtual Tours influence a 30% growth in Google Search & Maps appearances, organically

  • Inexpensive and far reaching form of marketing

The benefit to your digital marketing is obvious; increased visibility, interactivity and a customised online presence that has the ability to actively drives customers through your door.

"Ultimately 360 Virtual Tours help to increase online traffic which converts to more online sales and customers coming into your store"

As a Google Trusted Photographer, Directors Cut Studios are certified by Google to photograph your business premises, create a virtual tour from the shots and then upload and integrate it with Google products such as Google Streetview, Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Search.

Your Google Maps Street View virtual tour can be as small or large as you wish in terms of facilities you might like to showcase. Google aims to give all businesses equal opportunities to be found online. For a small one-off investment your business could enjoy increased footfall and enquiries. If you have a few minutes, please watch the video testimonial for Google Street View for Business below to hear about the real results enjoyed by real businesses using Google Street View virtual tours as part of their marketing mix.

Google Street View Trusted Photographer_Studios_Melbourne
So what's my "One Time Investment" likely to cost?

Google Virtual Tour prices start from just $99 for a small panorama tour. This is a one off fee with no ongoing costs thereafter - your tour is hosted for free by Google at no cost for the life of your business listing, although many of our customers update their tours a few times a year especially for certain holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas to reflect the vibe of their business, allowing tours to evolve with them.

If we are already shooting tours in your area, or if multiple locations are booked at the same time, discretionary discounts may be available. Discounts for charities are also available.

What's The Process?

Shooting a Google based tour is quick and easy. We send a Photographer to your location who shoots the images required for the tour. The process takes anywhere between 30 mins and 2 hours, depending on the size of the location. The 360 images are then stitched together and uploaded to your Google My Business listing on Google Maps. Google can take anywhere from a couple of hours to several days for the Virtual Tour to appear on Google Street View.

There are no ongoing fees and no extra costs when people view. The Virtual Tour will exist as long as your listing on Google Maps. You are free to embed the tour on your own website and share through social media.

Viewable On All Devices
All 360 virtual tours are viewable on all devices.
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